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Mountain Cider Hot Apple Cider Concentrate

Mountain Cider Hot Apple Cider Concentrate

SKU: 1300

Product Info:

Format:4x1/2 Galon


What Makes our Cider Special


Apple cider isn't always the easiest of drinks to serve. For starters, it is usually only available in season, and then, you can only find it close to where it's grown. Fresh cider will spoil after a week, and other bottled ciders contain preservatives to keep them from going bad. Don't even get us started on the powder packets.


At the Mountain Cider Company, we decided the only way to make cider easier to use, was to concentrate it. Simple as that! Just apples, boiled down and mixed with a traditional blend of spices to complement the flavor. 25 years later and we still have customers coming back time and again.

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