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Established in 1996 by two brothers, Tony and Johnny, Distributions Yukon is a premier food distribution company based in Laval, Quebec. What started as a humble venture focused solely on providing the finest fruits and vegetables to local establishments has grown into a comprehensive foodservice distribution company, catering to a diverse range of culinary needs.


At Distributions Yukon, we believe that food is more than just sustenance; it is an expression of culture, a source of joy, and a reflection of our values. From the very beginning, our mission has been to connect producers with businesses and individuals who share our passion for quality, freshness, and sustainability.


Tony and Johnny, inspired by their upbringing and a deep-rooted love for food, embarked on a journey to transform the food industry. They believed that everyone should have access to the freshest produce, and with this vision in mind, they established Distributions Yukon. Starting with a modest delivery truck, they personally selected the finest fruits and vegetables from local farms, forging strong relationships with farmers who shared their commitment to excellence.



Through unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, Distributions Yukon quickly gained recognition for our exceptional produce and reliable service. As word of our commitment to quality spread, our customer base grew, and we realized the potential for expansion.


Over the years, we have diversified our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers. Our product range now includes not only fruits and vegetables but also a wide array of dairy products, beverages, pantry staples, frozen products, cleaning, and packaging materials. We understand the demands of the foodservice industry and strive to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance efficiency and convenience for our clients.


To support our expanding operations, we have invested in state-of-the-art facilities. Our warehouse and distribution center feature advanced refrigeration systems and cutting-edge technology to ensure the freshness and integrity of our products. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards of food safety and sustainability, ensuring that every item we distribute meets stringent quality criteria.


At Distributions Yukon, we are more than just a food distribution company—we are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to serving our customers and making a positive impact. We work closely with suppliers, fostering relationships based on trust and mutual respect. By sourcing locally, we support our community and reduce our carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.


As we continue to grow, our commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and environmental responsibility remains steadfast. We are honored to be a trusted name in the foodservice distribution industry, serving restaurants, hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, and more throughout Quebec and beyond.


Join us on our journey as we celebrate the beauty of fresh, wholesome food and the incredible individuals who make it possible. Discover the difference that Distributions Yukon can make for your business or your next culinary adventure. Together, let's savor the flavors of success!


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