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Garofalo Farfalline  N. 23

Garofalo Farfalline N. 23

SKU: 34407

Format: 16x500g


The shape of this smooth pastina evokes the wings of a small butterfly: Garofalo Farfalline are an imaginative pasta to add an original touch to first courses served with broth.
The scalloped edge and concave surface makes them suitable for soups, minestrones and simple sauces.
Thanks to their fun and evocative shape, they win over the little ones too.


Cooking Time: 9 Min.



One Ingredient:100% Durum Wheat Semolina.
This product is NON-GMO Project Verified.


Origin of the Wheat:

Country of cultivation: Eu and not EU
Country of milling: Italy


It may contain SOY and MUSTARD


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