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Fabbri 1905 Mixybar Wild Fruit Syrup

Fabbri 1905 Mixybar Wild Fruit Syrup

SKU: 9158175

Format: 6x1Lt.


Intense ruby red with a purple crown, it retains its hue even when diluted. Its aroma is intense and broad, incorporating the entire range of fruits of the forest: raspberry, black cherry, blackberry and currant. The final bouquet is almondy and reminiscent of apricot kernels and peach. It tastes fresh and well balanced to the palate, with a lingering aftertaste. It lends itself to pairings with juices and iced teas. Ideal for a berry granita.


Popular categories: non-alcoholic drinks and granitas.




From 1:6 to 1:8 (Syrup:Liquids)

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