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Fabbri 1905 Mixybar Italian Sugar

Fabbri 1905 Mixybar Italian Sugar

SKU: 9150152

Format: 6x1Lt.


Crystal clear and transparent, diluted it retains its visual characteristics. The nose is clean and neutral with light herbaceous notes. On the palate it is sweet, soft, very balanced and with a neutral finish. Zucchero Italiano is extremely soluble in both hot and cold drinks, for quick and practical use, enhancing any preparation.

Unique on the Italian market, this Mixybar Plus can boast sugar exclusively of beet origin, certified by Italia Zuccheri. Italia Zuccheri is an agricultural company with 5,000 members that controls the entire supply chain from sowing to production and is the only producer of 100% Italian sugar. 

Classic pairings are with coffee, cold and hot tea. In a shaker, with vodka and lemon, it is the ingredient with which to perfectly balance a timeless Vodka Sour.

Popular categories: classic, trendy and non-alcoholic cocktails, tiki mixing, hot and cold coffee.

Dye-free, with only natural flavourings.

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