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Fabbri 1905 Drink Garnish Zenzero (Ginger)

Fabbri 1905 Drink Garnish Zenzero (Ginger)

SKU: 9111005

Format 6x600g


Inspired by the recipe that has made Amarena Fabbri unique and inimitable, and by the Bologna-based company's more than a century of experience, Zenzero Fabbri is born: precious nuggets of hand-crafted candied ginger, dipped in a fine ginger and turmeric syrup.

Zenzero Fabbri is the perfect ingredient to add a touch of refined originality to cocktails, coffees, and sweet or savoury recipes.

Extremely versatile as a garnish or ingredient for mixers and coffees or for preparing all kinds of recipes to enhance your menu.  

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