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Barilla Cut Macaroni n. 35

Barilla Cut Macaroni n. 35

SKU: 14918

Format 2x4.5Kg


From the very beginning, product quality was paramount to the Barilla family. They knew that it took a superior quality of durum wheat or semolina to make superior pasta. Legend has it that Riccardo would dust the sleeves of his black suit with the semolina. If no specks remained after he brushed it off, the semolina was dry enough and finely ground enough to be used in Barilla? pasta.

At Barilla, we believe our primary responsibility is to satisfy our Consumers. Our attention to taste, quality and nutrition is absolute, and always motivated by the desire to create joyful and convivial food experiences.

Our people work to understand different lifestyles and changing needs around the globe, ensuring the best products to meet a variety of tastes and nutritional needs.

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