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511 Foodservice-Griddle Block Foam 8x4x3.5"

511 Foodservice-Griddle Block Foam 8x4x3.5"



Perfect for cleaning hot encrusted flat top grills quickly and with little effort. Will neither scratch grill nor lift service cure if used properly. Compounded to disintegrate during use to expose unused surface. Reusable for several cleanings. With proper usage heat always helps and the hotter the better. Try using a damp towel or wiper to hold the brick for comfort from the heat and sharp corners. Scrape debris from griddle surface. Use dry or spread enough oil on griddle to thoroughly wet it. Wet use will prolong the brick life. Place grill brick on the griddle and use firm pressure and then scrape the entire surface until it is clean. Scrape the black oily residue into the grease trap of the griddle. Wipe surface of griddle with clean paper towels or wipers to completely remove all residue. Rinse the grill brick clean. When using grill bricks use caution as hot oil burns and always wear eye protection and mitts when cleaning a griddle

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