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Fabbri 1905 Mixybar Maracuja (Passion Fruit)Syrup

Fabbri 1905 Mixybar Maracuja (Passion Fruit)Syrup

SKU: 9156361

Format: 6x1Lt.


Pastel orange with golden yellow hues. Bright and rich in pulp, it retains its soft orange hues when diluted. Its aroma is intense with complex notes of passion fruit pulp and hints of tropical fruit. It tastes fresh and well balanced to the palate, with a lingering aftertaste. Best paired with rum, clear spirits and other tropical spirits. Outstanding in Vodka Sour Maracuja.


Popular categories: Caribbean mixing classics, soft drinks and aperitifs.




From 1:6 to 1:8 (Syrup:Liquids)

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