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Basic American Foods-Mashed Potatoes Low Sodium

Basic American Foods-Mashed Potatoes Low Sodium

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General description

Yield: 79.83 KG prepared per case. Non-dairy mashed potatoes, complete granule with vitamin C and 200 mg of sodium makes it a fit for dietary restrictions.



? Yield: 79.83 KG prepared per case, 738 ? ? cup servings per case ? Low sodium as Packaged ? Non-dairy as Packaged ? Gluten free


Serving suggestions

Mashed Potatoes are a well loved side dish and a versatile base to add a signature dish. Can be used as a thickener or can be added to scratch-made mashed to extend hold.


Preparation and cooking

1: Measure 12 quarts boiling water and 3 Tbsp of salt into mixer bowl. 2: Using whip attachment, mix on low and slowly add potatoes. Mix for one minute. 3: Scrape bowl, whip on high until fluffy (2 minutes) and hold until ready to serve. Tip: Small quantities of water or potato mix may be added to achieve desired consistency.


Potatoes (dry), Titanium dioxide, Mono and diglycerides, Calcium stearoyl lactylate , Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Cream of tartar, Sulphites, Maltodextrin, Gum arabic, Sunflower oil, BHT, Natural flavour. Contains: Sulphites

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